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Re: Stephen Spotte

John T. Fitch told us re "Stephen Spotte, "Seawater Aquariums: The
Captive Environment" (1979).

> The book is available, used,  for $9.99 at:
> 2-2205520-5800909

A few folks wrote me and told me about used copies available.  Well, I
was hoping someone could just post some numbers -- but I should take
the help where I can get it and how it comes.  So I'll buy the book and
let you know what it offers.    It's an old book by hobby standards, so
if it talks about nitrobacter, we'll need to reconcile that with
Hovenac's thesis.  

I don't expect the book to address Roger's point about biofilters being
of little concern/need in a planted tank that isn't heavily stocked
with fish -- it is a marine tank text, isn't it?  Is the definition of
"Overstocked with fish" when you need to buy or build a biofilter to
maintain a planted tank?

Scott H.

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