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Ich in a planted tank - Success!!

A week ago I added my last dose of Kick-Ich to my 90g planted tank and I
have not noticed any new cases of Ich.  The claims the manufacturer
makes are true, no harm or stress was caused to any plant, fish,
crustacean, amphibian, gastropod, bacteria or algae (nuts). The
treatment took two weeks but was not noticed, i..e., no staining of the
water & no turning off of lights that might deactivate the compound.  I
did turn the UV off though.  For the complete info on this product go


The active ingredient is listed on the pkg. as 5-nitroimidazole which is
same as metronidizole but probably formulated in a buffer that will
dissolve and "keep" the drug active as long as possible.  I tried
dissolving metronidizole tablets in case I needed one more dose (I
didn't), and it didn't dissolve very well and made the water in the
glass pitcher cloudy.  For information on metronidizole,

On a side note, I didn't follow the directions to the tee.  I had
accidentally increased the temperature to 82 degrees F (knocked the
Eheim 2126 controller) so I started adding a dose every two days instead
of 3 or 4, reason being, increase temp. decreases the time for the
parasite to complete a lifecycle and it can only be killed when it is in
it's free-swimming stage.

For those here in SFO, Nippon Goldfish carries this new product.

G. Martinez