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Pearling . . . How-to??

    Ummmm . . . I was wondering . . . is there something special that one
has to do to get plants to pearl??
    On my tanks (27, 30 and 33 gallon tanks) I can't get my plants to pearl
unless after a water change. I don't test my water and only one tank do I
fertilize regularly.
    The tank I do want to pearl is my 27 gallon. I have 2 GE Chroma 50s for
80 watts in a shoplight with an unpolished aluminum reflector (looks like a
bent piece of aluminum siding; currently running two DIY CO2 bottles now
after a week of running about 2-4 bubbles per second;
    I dose after a 40%-50% water change (on Fridays): 15mL Flourish Excel,
15mL Plant-Gro Fertilizer, 15mL Fe (Thrive brand currently) and this week I
upped my KNO3 (Wilson's Stump Remover) to 3-4mL solution (about 0.72ppm from
the calculator's calculation).
    Then during the week: Every day I dose the KNO3 2-3mL, Excel is every
Monday and Wednesday (3mL) and water change day (see above), and the Fe is
Tuesday and waterchange day - 15mL both days.
    Now I used to be able to get my algae to pearl but now . . .nothing . .
. could it have to do with other water chemistries (which I currently don't
test for) or just luck of the draw or not enough light? Or is it the type of
plant that pearls???
     I was thinking of adding a single strip light between the two currently
there which would bump me up to 120 watts . . . and maybe getting some of
that reflective tape for the reflector . . . anything else I could do so I
can get neato pictures of plants pearling like you folks?
    Any information would be a help and interesting too!!! Thanks in
Alberta, Canada