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Re: Floss is boss but glass was a pain in the arms

Floss indeed is a very good medium for mechanical filtering.  Except
that it clogs quickly, precisely because it is a good mechanical
filter, and becomes of little use for that purpose -- when clogged it
still blocks the passage of particles, but little water can flow
through to be filtered.   

I shouldn't have said that floss could work as a biomedium,  it has to
be replaced too often to develop a really good culture nitrating

Trivia for the day:

Modern polyester, whether bonded with phenolic resin and painted blue
or not, is the more healthy descendant of the early fiberglass floss --
the same material once sold as "angel hair" for you decorate your
Christmas Tree.  Didn't look so good on the tree, looked worse in the
xrays of your lungs; and it left you kind of itchy as the glass
particles worked into your hands and forearms.

Scott H.

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