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Banana plants and CO2 diffusing

OK. I add iron, but not potassium... Also, I have it at the bottom of my
tank, and my tank is fairly low-light, so it may not be getting enough?
Hmm... I don't know if I can get mine to float or not.

Also, question about diffusing yeast CO2... I jammed the end of the tube
from the CO2 rig in through the slats on the intake screen of my HOT
Aquaclear power filter... Is this safe? The yeast is in a plastic soda
bottle, and I don't want to suck it into the tank... However, the filter
is not very powerful. I have some leaks in the top rim of my tank, so I
can only fill the tank to about an inch from the rim, so the filter has
to suck the water up that distance, so it only moves a trickle...
"Trickle" filters may not trickle, but my HOT filter does. ;-)


> With a PH of 6.5, iron and potassium, my banana plants grow like 
> something you 
> would expect to find in the Triassic period, and this is *unrooted*, 
> floating about.  
> They will send out long roots in search of the substrate.
> - ---Dan
> B.A.T.
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