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Confused about biofiltration

I have been reading the discussion about bioballs with some interest, 
because I think that after 2 years of fishkeeping I understand the whole 
subject less than I did when I started. I understand the nitrogen cycle - 
NH3->NO2->NO3, right? What I don't understand is why bioballs are useful in 
a planted tank. For one thing, doesn't the surface area of all the plants 
act as a place for bacteria to grow? There is whole lot of plant-leaf 
surface area in the tank. For another thing it seems to me that the plants 
would be able to handle - would in fact enjoy - any ammonia spike which 
might happen as a result of adding more fish, overfeeding, or killing off 
the biofilter using medications. At least that seems to be the case in my 
own tank.

So what am I missing? Why use bioballs (or their equivalent) in planted 


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