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Another removal method

> Subject: Re: Large plant removal technique
> I hope I can explain this well enough in words. It's easy to show in person.

Aww heck, forgot another one:
You know those spatula thing -a- ma-jigs that Amano sells, well I use these
all the time, but I use a cheap plastic plaint scraper for 89 cents that are
2-4inches wide you can get at most any hardware store and they float and are
yellow. Make good algae scrapers too.
Simply use these to cut a 2-3 square sod all the way down deep into the
gravel cutting right through the roots. Slowly jiggle loose.
I do this same thing with hairgrass sods, Crypts and runners that get out of
hand etc.  
Still do that water change afterwards!
Tom Barr