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Re: Bioballs

Scott Hieber asks:

>Has anyone had problems with poorly designed bioballs?

I have.  I don't recall the mfg. but Home Depot carries some like them or 
they used to.  The "balls" are essentially made up of parallel tubes (~1/4" 
OD, 1/16" ID) of varying lengths arranged so as to give the impression of a 
sphere.  IME, they clogged quickly and were difficult to clean.  I actually 
had to sit and poke a length of weed-whacker chord through each tube to 
ensure they were clear.  Pieces of tube would sometimes break off during 
handling, too.  I ended up replacing them with Aqua Medic's 
Bactoballs.  I've been much, much happier with them.
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee