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Re: java fern in very high light

> low-light plants never did well.  Java fern didn't
> grow, neither did bolbitis.  Anubias grew but with
> very small leaves (probably what some have referred to
> as micro-anubias, just conditions of growth).
> Do these plants suffer with high-light?
I'm not sure about bolbitis yet, but my java fern (lace and regular) grow
great under my 250W MH.  I have a lot of offspring from these plants.  My
coffeefolia is planted among chain sword, and it does very well also.  Of
course my CO2 levels are high in order to support a total of 500W on a 120.

I does with Dupla 24 and Tropica on the weekends.  Lights are on 12 hours
per day.

big D
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