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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V5 #40

Roger Miller wrote:
"I'm sure that out there in the environmental engineering literature
there are formulae for optimizing those factors.  There's probably even
a study or two specific to aquaculture."

I had mentioned Dupla Bioballs in my earlier post. The design they use today
is slighly modified from what they used to sell, but the original Bioballs
were made for Dupla by Ciba Geigy (multi-national outfit mainly known as a
pharmaceutical company). My brother in law was a sales rep for them in
Canada for years and he got me some information on the original bioballs
thru his contact within the company. Apparently, at the time, they were
selling them for use in water treatment plants (ammonia towers). I don't
know if they still make them (or if they currently make the ones Dupla

James Purchase