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Still Scratching the surface of biowheels and bioballs

James Purchase said, in part:
"> Simple answer is that they don't "clog".  .  . 
> The
> surface of a
> well designed bioball (I'm thinking of the two sizes made by Dupla)
> is
> practically guaranteed to never get clogged by detritus and the older
> biofilm can just wash off easily, presenting a fresh area for
> bacterial
> colonization.
> Sintered substrates apparently do "clog" and need periodic manual
> cleaning
> (bleaching) to remove the built up biofilm and this gets less and
> less
> effective until all of the interior spaces are blocked. 

Okay, that rules out sintered glass as a permanent solution -- probably
not enough air space with the small "stones" anyway, right?  It's not
hard to remove rocks from a sump, but it can get expensive if you're
using, say, Ehfisubstrat.

Has anyone had problems with poorly designed bioballs? Or with
Biowheels that that won't slough?

Scott H.

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