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Re: UnReliably Removing Rubin Remains

john wheeler asked about removing a rubin.

If there is a sizeable bit of "meat" below the surface, you can prune
off all of the leaves and expect new growth to pop up.  This has been
my experience, whether I wanted return growth or not :-\ .  

On the other side of the coin, you needn't get all of the roots to
transplant.  I cut around the base of a robust rubin that had gotten
big enough to compete with another rubin for space (and light).   I cut
aaround it a few inches away from the core, pruned it back severely,
and then stuck the plant in a tank that had enough gravel space to
plant it.   The plant actually laughed at me (I heard it), and
proceeded to take over it's new home in a matter of weeks.

Scott H.

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