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digest vs. forum vs. . . ?

Hi All,

I want to vote on the format of the APD: 
I pretty much only read the archives.  

It's there whenever I want to find it, 
instead of making my email take forever to download
whenever the digest wants to find me.   [ 56k modem  :^(  ]

It has the excellent "Thread Index" feature, a vastly useful thing.

And, hooray, it's searchable.

I only sub-scribe to post.  
The ideal set-up would be if I could post without signing up!

OK, I've sent in my 3 x 2 cents; gotta go un-sub-scribe
before I get a digest sent to me -- with my other 2 posts.

Steff Zimsen
now a major reason APDs take so long to download,
in New Hampshire