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Thanks, 2 much paranoia about the glass

Thanks for the kind reply...

Where was that kind of a respose when I was setting up
my tank!?

No, my floors (shoddy but stable ((so far))) are ok.  

I spent a couple sleepless nights when I first set it
up even half full, and to this day I only keep it
about 3/4 full.

That much water 90g in my bedroom makes me a little

The tank is fully set up  and, to the naked eye, water
level appears flat.

My question is if it is off by a 1/4 to a 1/2 inch,
which it very well might be, should that be a concern.

I mean, I guarantte my floors are not perfectly flat.

Would an acrylic tank be safer? or do those have
streess fractures too?



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