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Re: Loh's Christmas moss

>Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 16:53:10 -0500
>From: "Pam Cresswell" <pam at cresswells_com>
>Subject: Loh's Christmas moss
> I just got some beautiful moss in the mail! Loh even put in a little
>something extra, a Windelov. Thank you so much Loh!

Thanks for letting me know, Pam.  Glad you like the Windelov too.

I was at my friend's fish shop yesterday.  Went there to buy the
Mini-Riccia for the winner of the "rare plants" auction.  It's an
expensive plant.  Karin Leow said her cost for the plant is very high
so although she knew I was buying the plant for the defense fund,
she couldn't sell it to me any cheaper.  But me being a stingy fellow,
I wasn't prepared to pay for it either.

I offered a trade.  Karin was a bit reluctant (exchange is against
her usual business practice, she said) but kind person that she is, agreed
to the trade when she saw the items I had to offer. They were:

1.  A 5 week old male Nothobranchius guentheri - the fish came as an
egg from Shireen Gonzaga.
2.  A Red Flame sword that came all the way from Canada from Joanna
3.  Several bunches of Narrow Leaf Java Ferns that were given to me by
my good friend, Edward Yow.
4.  A vinegar eel culture that came from Ronnie Lee, my killie buddy in
5.  A glass CO2 indicator that came from Madan Subramaniam in India.
6.  The small plastic tank holding the Killiefish.
7.  2 baby Black Mollies.
8.  A lovely piece of driftwood with 2 Anubias growing on it.

All these for a 3 inch square of Mini-riccia and she didn't think it was
a good deal.  Shucks.  Karin asked, "When are you going to stop doing this,
Kwek Leong?"  I didn't know what to say.

If you are making a contribution to the defense fund, please don't forget
to write
me for your Christmas Moss.  For as long as it takes, I guess............

Loh K L