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DFW Aquatic Plant Club meeting this weekend.

Hello Planted Tank Enthusiasts,

This weekend markes the 50th Anniversary of the Federation of Texas Aquarium 
Societies.  The organization will be holding its annual convention this 
weekend and should prove to be a very good weekend for fish nuts.  Rusty 
Wessel, Wayne Leibel, and Randy Carey will be speakers at the meeting.  If 
you're in or near the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, I'd encourage you to come out 
and attend the convention.  Should be lots of fun.  For more information, 
please visit our website for info and directions to the convention.

Following the Saturday speakers, the Dallas-Ft. Worth Aquatic Plant Club 
will be holding an informational meeting.  Anyone interested in joining the 
club is welcome to attend and learn more about our club.  We've come a long 
way from last year and have some very dedicated members that have put a lot 
of work into making this a premier organization for the area.  So... come on 
out and join in the fun.

Hope I see some new faces there.

Bailin Shaw
DFW Aquatic Plant Club

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