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Re: OT request for help

Mak wrote:
> Would a few folk on these list be willing to help me with a possible problem
> with one of my aquarium web pages? I would ask that you take a moment to go
> to http://www.thirtytwopaws.com/fish/90_Gallon_April2002.htm  and email me
> (mak at thirtytwopaws_com) to let me know if all the links work properly? I can
> get it all ok from all the computers here at home, but not at work. I don't
> know if it is a quirk with the system at work (very possible!) or if there
> is a problem on the page. Thanks a lot!
> - -Mak

All of your links to your images have spaces in them. Spaces are illegal
characters in a link. If you replace the sapces with %20 it will work.
For example "big pic.jpg" becomes "big%20pic.jpg".

Jerry Baker