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Re: testing a Red Sea nitrate kit

Hello Chuck,

thank you for your reply.

I have one more question - you mention Fact: 61.3% of KNO3 is nitrate.   The
label on my nutrient container says it has 12% nitrogen -  I am assuming
nitrogen and nitrate are two different things?     I am also assuming that
KNO3 has the same concentration of nitrate, no matter where I purchase it
from (hydroponic store, home depot as stump remover, etc)


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> -----------------
> Fact: 1 teaspoon of KNO3 weighs approximately 5.6 grams
> Fact: 61.3% of KNO3 is nitrate
> Therefore
> one teaspoon contains about 3.4328 grams of nitrate.
> which equals 3432.8 milligrams of nitrate.