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Re: Holy exploding glass Batman!

Lazarus Miskowski found a pane of his aquarium cracked and asked:

> I can't explain it.  Like a
> stress fracture that grew over time, and snapped
> today.  Extremely weird!  Anyone ever have experience
> with this?

We yes, a couple of times.  Once a cover glass cracked when the PC over
it heated it up.  But it had been heated up that way hundreds of times
without incident!  Undoubtedly I had stressed a microscopic crack while
removing the cover for tank maintenance and the crack was further
stressed by the expansion caused by the heat.

Many years ago a the bottom in a twenty gallon tank cracked with
predictable and unfortunate results.  I had used the tank for about
tens years in two or three different locations.  When it cracked, it
had been set up in that location for several years.  No one was near it
when it cracked.  We heard the sound, looked for the source, and saw
the water escaping.

Good Luck,
Scott H.

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