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RE: FW Jelly

On Mon, Apr 15, 2002 at 08:30:49PM +0000, Lee E. Krieger wrote:
> Does anyone know where I can start to look for these?  Is there a 
> government group or agency like the Department of Natural Resources or

> the State park systems?  I'm not sure who to call to begin researching

> this. I do live near the University of Michigan and Michigan State 
> isn't too far away either...which departments there would be a good 
> start to call?

Chicago is even a little further away from you, but I'm almost positive
they had a display at the John G. Shedd aquarium that included
jellyfish.  I believe they were freshwater, because I seem to recall it
being in their "native wetlands" display.  (Can you tell I'm not sure
about this? ;-)  

Anyway, they had the jellyfish in a round tank (imagine a huge hockey
puck standing on end) with the water current circulating around the
sides to keep the jellyfish swimming/suspended near the middle of the
tank.  There were little "factiods" posted about how difficult it is to
keep jellyfish and how the tank needs to be of a special design.  YMMV,
of course, but see the earlier poster's comments about jellyfish being
sucked into a powerhead.  I'm sure that would happen eventually unless
you keep them in a filterless tank (probably not a good idea), or keep
them in a great big hockey puck standing on end. ;-)


Dave VanderWall
Minneapolis, MN