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Re: stargrass

>>>In my experience, this plant is very easy to grow. Lots of light, co2,
>ferts.  Nothing special.
I agree with Arthur here... Sometimes doesn't ship well IME, but will
establish and grow well if given time.
>Neil Frank has complained that his stargrass (which he
>also got from me, I think) grows TOO fast.<<

Well I have had a few problems with it. In my experience it is sensitive
when problems start to arise in the tank. If the water becomes cloudy, if
nitrates temporarily are elvated, the plant begins to suffer.  I also found
it does not like to be crowded to close together or the bottom portions will
quickly rot, nor does it fair well if shaded by other plants. And if the
plant ever becomes covered in algae.. hair or BGA, forget it. The plant is

Robert Paul Hudson