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Re: Pronouncing scientific names

>>>James Purchase wrote:
>It is a means of written communication, so there really isn't any
>"right" way or "wrong" way to pronounce them. Don't sweat the details.<<

But there has to be a proper way to pronounce them! Latin is a spoken
language... ever been to a traditional latin catholic mass?  I thought it
was just my own ignorance in not knowing... but I hear speakers at clubs, I
talk to customers, and I hear the same name pronounced 10 different ways!
sometimes I do not even recognize the name when I hear it.

When I met Erik Olson he told me the proper pronounciation of Cryptocoryne
according to Claus...before then I have heard it said several different
ways! I call them Cryps :) It is very confusing. 90% of the people I talk to
on the phone, the first thing they say to me is, " I saw this on your WEB
site, but I do not know how to say it..."  and I say, " Don't worry, I don't
know either!"   There has been talk in the past about someone coming up with
a pronounciation guide. I think it would be extremely helpful. If I go to
the AGA confrence this year, I would like to know what plants the speakers
are talking about!  And people wonder why common names are used...

Robert Paul Hudson