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Re: Stargrass - Heteranthera zosterifolia

I, too, wonder how often you change the water.  One tablespoon of MgSO4
every two days sounds like a huge overdose.  I would recommend one
tablespoon every complete water change for a 75 gallon.  You should be able
to grow a bushel of plants on one tablespoon of MgSO4.

H. zosterifolia seems to thrive on a good supply of iron.  As Travis Kinney
reported, it did well for him with a layer of peat under the gravel.  The
peat acts as an oxygen sink and the resulting local anaerobic conditions
reduces and solubilizes iron.  For me, too, it has been a take-over plant,
and my entire supply currently resides in a 2 liter soft drink bottle on
the windowsill.  It is a pretty plant, however. It just has to be trimmed
and tended to frequently.

Paul Krombholz in summer-like central Mississippi, with a stagnant weather
pattern with no rain for over a week.   Crested flycatchers and wood
thrushes have arrived.