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RE: H. zosterifolia

As for H. zosterifolia, I would like to chime in my thoughts --

>In my experience, this plant is very easy to grow. Lots of light, co2, and 
>ferts.  Nothing special.

I agree with Arthur here... Sometimes doesn't ship well IME, but will 
establish and grow well if given time.

>Neil Frank has complained that his stargrass (which he
>also got from me, I think) grows TOO fast.

Come on Arthur, admit once and for all that you genetically engineer the 
plants you sell on aquabid!! <G>

>My main problem with stargrass is that it is too high
>maintenance.  You get a huge bunch and then have to
>trim it, eventually the bottom roots rot and the whole
>thing comes up.  I actually have very little of it now
>(by choice).

Yep.  I agree 100% on this one.  I love the way it looks when it is at its 
peak, but it takes lots of work.  I don't have any more in my tanks either, 
but do have some H. dubia, which doesn't grow quite as fast (nor as 
horizontally).  Might try that...

I use Eichhornia diversifolia in place of the H. zosterifolia I had in my 
60G tank, and am very happy with it (now that it is doing well).  Tom Barr 
was right -- very beautiful plant once it is happy!

PS - There is tons of stuff on H. zosterifolia in the archives.  The search 
doesn't work as well for me anymore though...

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