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FW: Pronouncing scientific names

        This is very refreshing to hear.  I have known many great
anatomy teachers and so on and so forth, talk about Latin name
pronunciation.  Most had a different and unique way of pronouncing
scientific names, which, correct me if I am wrong, are also at times Greek
as well as Latin.  It was confusing also to have one professor or
colleague pronounce a plant one way and then another would say it
differently.  So I just looked it up and said them either how the phonetic
expression was laid out in text, or how it seemed best to me.  I like to
hear people say it is no big deal, because most of us are hobbyists, and,
furthermore, we are writing the names and not sitting and chatting.
Remembering the scientific name pronunciation can be a chore and most of
the time it is a trivial matter.

Enough BS filler from me, just wanted to say it was nice to hear someone
say the things that James did.


>James Purchase wrote:
>It is a means of written communication, so there really isn't any
>"right" way or "wrong" way to pronounce them. Don't sweat the details.

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