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Stargrass - Heteranthera zosterifolia

I received some stargrass clippings about 3-weeks ago. I planted most of
them in my 29-gallon tank at home. I placed two cuttings (which had some
roots) in my little jar aquarium on my desk here at work. The plants at home
aren't doing so well and I fear they may all rot. Leaves continue to get
darker and darker and very soft. Roots still look fine, just the way they
came, but very little growth. The ones here at my desk are doing phenomenal!
I'm actually going to have to move them into my tank at home because they at
the waters surface. Now, the tanks are very different. The little one has no
filter system, just weekly water changes and lots of snails. I do however,
in this jar have a layer of peat below the aquarium gravel and the plants
roots seem to love it. I'm actually tempted to tear down my 29 gallon tank
in a couple weeks in put in a layer of peat. Maybe the stargrass roots are
sensitive to larger gravel size or something. I can email you a digital
picture of my stargrass here at work if you want to see how well it is
doing. Contact me off list if you want a picture of it.