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Re: Fritted Trace Elements

Michael Livingston wrote:

> I'd sure like to know where one can walk into a local nursery and pick up some trace elements, and have the > opportunity to grab the "wrong" type, fritted or chelated or otherwise.

I have a local nursery within two miles of me, and then a hydroponics
store another 500 yards down the road. Both sell everything one could
want. But you see, I live in a small town East of Vancouver, B.C. Only a
little to the East of us is an area well known as the Grow-Op capital of
the world, and that is not an exaggeration. Illegal substances has now
become our provinces #1 exporting cash crop, especially since now there
is 29% tariffs on our softwood going to US. :)

Anyway, it is nice to know that one can find a good use for these
products which are so readily available here.

You could try this site:


I understand they ship hydroponics supplies.

Ed Dumas