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testing a Red Sea nitrate kit


I am interested in testing the accuracy of my Red Sea Nitrate kit - I would
like to mix up a simple 10ppm solution of nitrate, so I can confirm it.  it
also would be nice to make a 5ppm and a 2.5ppm as well (so I can verify the

I have some raw salts from the hydroponic store - KNO3 (12% nitrogen, 44%
potash), as well as CaNO (15% nitrogen, 19% calcium).

Chuck - I attempted to use your dosage calculator but was unsuccessful.
What I am aiming for is to obtain the above PPM concentrations in 50ml of
water; 50ml being a guideline - I suppose I could use a larger or smaller
container (measuring cup for example)


Art Williamson

oh I almost forgot - my tank, pic taken last night (33 gallon, 2 bottles
DIY, PH 6.4, KH 5)