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Plant taxonomy

Quote,:Have you ever
looked at the variability of plants commonly described as "roses"? End Quote

Yep, I have looked at 'em for nearly 70 years.  And, they all have flowers 
with five petals or multiples thereof, similar fruits, and most can be 
crossbred quite easily.  AND, you can graft 'em to each other.   Been there, 
done that.  Many times.  It is a huge family.

  But, let us in on how to classify YOU?  Are you a lumper or a splitter?   I 
have been watching this argument for too darned long to take some of it 
seriously.  Lets see where we are when the dust settles.  Roses will still be 
roses, orchids will still be orchids.  And you cannot breed a live bearing 
fish to an egg laying one.  Or rats with opossums.  

Gosh, if the DNA is the determinate, think on this:  Humans are universal 
blood donors with chimpanzees, and vice versa.  The DNA of YOU is 98% 
identical with the DNA of an Orang-Utan.  And, gorillas can talk, quite 
fluently, and guess what?  Those 3rd grade hearing impaired kids who chatted 
with Koko one day will never forget it.  A young gorilla male has been reared 
with Koko as a mate, neither had any interest in the other.  Recently someone 
simply asked them both why.  He said "Are you kidding?  She is my sister."  
She said "Because he is my brother."    He also remembers the hunters killing 
and butchering his mother.  Yes, gorillas weep.  Gorillas reason very well, 
but they reason as gorillas.  But they DO reason.

On the plant taxonomy, I am waiting for the dust to settle.  I have seen this 
go around and around several times.  Ultimately we gain new understanding.