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Re: Eheim 2026 and CO2 questions

Tom Wood wrote:

> water from backing up into the CO2 hose via capillary effect and ruining
> your new regulator. Without a check valve this will happen every six months
> or so, depending on how well you can count bubbles. You do the math on the
> cost and decide if you need a check valve.

I've never had it happen on my system.   The CO2 tank is
never fully empty, so I can't imagine how it could ever
happen.   When I bring the bottle in for a refill, I've
never had water back up the CO2 line at all.  If it did,
it wouldn't get past the needle-valve.

When it's time for a refill, I get a drop in tank
pressure, from it's normal of 800-900 psi.  Once
the gauge drops below 800, I have about 2 weeks
before the pressure will reach 600psi.  That's on
a 10lb tank, with a pretty fast bubble rate for my

Chuck Gadd