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>Date: Fri, 12 Apr 2002 15:49:22 -0600
>From: "Jorge Quintana" <Quintana at law_com>
>Subject: [Redacted]
>I am about to start a pressurized CO2 system and really looking 
>forward to that. Anything not so obvious I should be looking out for?

Boy that's a loaded question.
In all seriousness there are a lot of people here who know far better
than I about this, but from my limited experience it is the best thing
you can do.

>My main reason for writing though, is, sometime this week someone 
>asked about Siamese Algae Eaters. Since I'm in the middle of Montana, 
>I too cannot get my hands on any SAE. My LFS is just pretty much 
>clueless. Even though I go in there almost every week, always 
>explaining to them that Chine Algae Eaters aren't actually from China 
>nor do they eat algae and asking them if they could get SAE, they 
>never do. Heck, I drove 2 hours each way just to get some otocinclus. 
>If you could share with me any info on how I could get a SAE shipped 
>to me, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

I have had really great experiences dealing with AquariumFish.net
(http://www.aquariumfish.net/).  Their website shows them to be $2.50
each (just checked) and they are great to deal with.  I have only had
one problem with them out of several shipments.  They once sent some
false ones when they were just getting started with SAEs.  I think their
supplier slipped some false ones in with some real ones.  Just imagine
looking at 1000 or so SAEs in one tank and figuring out which were real
and which were false. Anyway, they immediately replaced them with more
than I originally ordered.  In fact on every order I have placed for
SAEs they have always shipped a few extra.

I would also recommend some algae eating shrimp (caridina japonica), aka
Amano shrimp, Japanese marsh shrimp.  AquariumFish.net sells them for
about $2.00 each.  With CO2, the right amount of plant nutrients, SAEs
and these guys my tanks have been essentially algae free.  But the best
advice I can offer is what I learned about a year ago:  listen to the
people here.  Their advice is priceless.

Good luck.