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Re: filterless discus

Wayne Jones wrote:

> I don't think Discus without filtration is a good idea either. The water 
> changes required would just mean too much work.

Out of curiosity, what sort of water changes do you think it would take?

I'm a long-time proponent of filterless planted tanks.  I think they have 
more up sides then down sides.  As in all things you have to weigh your needs 
and make decisions to fit your circumstances.

First off, "filterless" doesn't mean without circulation and it doesn't mean 
without water changes.  CIrculation is important in any tank.  And I would 
never try maintaining a tank without water changes.  Some people would.

The key ingredients that make unfiltered plant tanks safe for fish -- 
especially for delicate fish -- are a lot of healthy plants and rapid plant 
growth.  The tank must have enough plant growth so that the nutrient content 
of the plants and cuttings you remove (along with water changes) balance the 
nutrient content of the food and fertilizers that you add.   That usually 
means bright light, CO2 and a moderate to low fish load.

I've never kept discus, much less in an unfiltered tank.  I may never keep 
discus. and I'm even less likely to keep discus in an unfiltered tank.  It 
might be perfectly safe for the fish, but I don't see much sense in gambling 
with the well-being of such expensive livestock.  In the case of discus, 
healthy, good quality fish may cost quite a bit more than the filter you 
would need to help ensure their good health.

Roger Miller
Mourning the passing of Mary Dixon, who's absence diminshes our lives.