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Re: Eheim 2026 and CO2 questions

Julie wrote:

"I'm now ready to ditch the DIY CO2 and get a tank with
regulator and needle valve. I have limited space
behind my 29-gallon and am considering a 1.25-lb CO2
canister rather than a 5-lb canister. Does anyone know
how long the smaller CO2 tank would last at a
bubble/second vs. the 5-lb?  Since I plan to upgrade
my tank size this summer, should I try to make the
5-lb tank work instead?  I'm considering the m3 econo
system. Do I need a check valve?"

Make the 5 lb CO2 tank work. It is the smallest size that the industrial gas
folks will want to mess with. Buy it from them, and then they will exchange
it for a full tank each time you need a refill. Alternatively, you can buy
the nice aluminum tanks and have them refilled while you wait. A five pound
tank running at one bubble per second will last about six months or so,
depending on how well you can count bubbles. It doesn't matter what size
aquarium, but one bubble per second per forty gallons is the rule of thumb,
so on a 29 you should be able to run it 25% slower. The M3 econo system is
one of the systems that I have and it works well. If you decide to enrage
the Barr God and have a bubble counter, the "J" bubble counter from M3 has a
check valve built in. If you can count bubbles elsewhere, such as in the
intake of your canister filter, then a $2 plastic check valve will prevent
water from backing up into the CO2 hose via capillary effect and ruining
your new regulator. Without a check valve this will happen every six months
or so, depending on how well you can count bubbles. You do the math on the
cost and decide if you need a check valve.