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Eheim 2026 and CO2 questions

Many thanks for your replies on using an Eheim 2026
for my 29-gallon tank.  I am delighted with this
filter so far, and my cories and SAE enjoy swimming in
the current. It's a cinch to clean and appears to be a
more efficient CO2 reactor than my HOT Magnum was.  

I'm now ready to ditch the DIY CO2 and get a tank with
regulator and needle valve. I have limited space
behind my 29-gallon and am considering a 1.25-lb CO2
canister rather than a 5-lb canister. Does anyone know
how long the smaller CO2 tank would last at a
bubble/second vs. the 5-lb?  Since I plan to upgrade
my tank size this summer, should I try to make the
5-lb tank work instead?  I'm considering the m3 econo
system. Do I need a check valve?

I'd appreciate any input.
Thanks again.

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