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Re: If one says po tah to, another says po tay to--and that's a good thing

When someone mentions a plant (or fish) by a "common" name, 
I like it if someone then mentions the latin or scientific name.
It helps to identify the fish, to individuate the species, so to speak.

When someone mentions the scientific name,
I like it when someone then mentions the common name(s).
It's how the plant (or fish) will most likely be found in the LFS
(LAPS).  Being able to tie them together, or see how they don't tie
together can be a real help.

It's labelled "Pink Fox $2.99" in the LFS but when I look closely I see
that it's actually Crossocheilus siamensis (Smith, 1931).

Well, actually, I wonder if the slightly gold (so-called pink) colored
ones are the same as the silver colored ones.  Sub species or what?

Mozart sometimes signed his name "Wolfgangus Amadeus Mozartus"  He
didn't us "Amadeus" instead of his actual name "Amade" except when
making that latin-name joke.  But "Amadeus" *is* part of his common
name.  And it works so well, it went hollywood.  :-)

Scott H.

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