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AGA Contest Announcement

On behalf of The Aquatic Gardeners Association, I am happy to announce the
Third Annual AGA International Aquascaping Contest. Designed as a permanent
forum for aquatic gardeners to share their love of this segment of the hobby
with others, the event is open to all and we encourage your participation.

This year's web site is not quite ready (have patience, please.... it will
be soon) but you will find full details about the event there. Submission of
entries will be accepted until September 15th 2002 and the winners shall be
announced at the AGA Convention, to be  held in Houston, Texas, November
8-10th, 2002. All submitted entries will be displayed on the web site
shortly after that date.

As in past years, our focus is on the art and practice of aquascaping in
fresh and brackish water aquariums as well as paludariums. We hope that the
aquascapes you submit can act as a source of inspiration and ideas as well
as a forum for hobbyists to share their creations with others. Over the past
two years we have received entries from hobbyists who live in many parts of
the world, proving how universal this hobby truly is. The variety of
aquascaping styles and themes is amazing and something can be learned from
each and every entry.

All types and sizes of freshwater aquascapes are welcome - African Rift Lake
type tanks, underwater gardens chock full of live plants, the beginner's
tank with plastic decorations, all have their place. Show the world your
pride and joy!

We have added two NEW categories this year - Botanical Illustration and
Garden Ponds.

Many aquarists have interests in other hobbies and crafts. Probably, some of
you might like to combine your love of aquariums and aquatic plants with
those other interests. If you like to draw, sketch or paint your aquariums
and/or aquatic plants, the new Botanical Illustration category is for you.
Botanical Illustration has a long and noble history but we are not limiting
entries to strictly correct illustrations. You are the artists, its up to
YOU to decide how to approach the subject. We merely wish to provide you
with a forum to display your work.

Many aquarists also enjoy the serenity and beauty of garden ponds and pools.
Many of the same plants and fish we keep in aquariums can also be kept in
outdoor settings. Aquascaping is merely "landscaping under water", so it
seems only natural to open our event to those of you who like to keep garden

The Guidelines section of the web site will give you all the information you
should need to prepare your entry and if you are in need of either
inspiration or help in aquascaping or photographing your aquarium, please
check out the many links in the Resources section.

Full instructions on how you may enter are also included.

We invite you to view the archived entries from prior years and encourage
you to share your own aquascapes and artistry with us this year.


James Purchase
AGA International Aquascaping Contest