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Re: Filterless Discus

Bill wrote:

>>The conversion of toxic fish wastes  to a less
harmful substances (AKA "biological filtration") can
be done without filtering. Healthy aquatic plants
consume the ammonia (or ammonium)directly, without
waiting for it to be converted to nitrates.<<

Arthur wrote:

In my opinion, discus without filtration is a bad
idea.  You will end up with bad discus.  The ability
of the plants to take care of fish waste will be

I reply:

I tried to raise Discus in my planted tank with very little filtration,
just a small pump in my 120 gallon tank with a sponge filter over the
intake. The pump is more for CO2 ditribution than for filtration. My
dollar sized Discus did not grow well compared to others. I think they
just didn't get enough food. There is no way you can feed in a planted
tank like you would in a grow out tank. I might try this again but next
time I will add more filtration and do more water changes and feed more.
More light would help too. I don't think Discus without filtration is a
good idea either. The water changes required would just mean too much