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Re: feeding baby fish

I have a fairly new pair of fish that are currently spawning in my 90
gallon community tank. The tank is very heavily planted. The fish are
called Geophagus "red bahia". They are pretty interesting to watch right
now. They dug a large pit in the substrate of my tank about 4" deep and
8" in diameter right next to a 5" flower pot. If it wasn't for all the
plant roots the excavation would collapse. They must have laid eggs
inside the flower pot and when they hatched they pushed the wrigglers
into the pit. They are very good parents much like the Kribs that I have
had in that tank in the past. They keep the A. Sajicas confined to the
other end of the tank. If the Sajicas cross the line the male bahia
attacks immediately. In the past the Sajicas were the more aggressive
fish but not at the moment. Other fish like Cories or ottos are not
bothered at all.

Anyway I would like some of these fry to survive. Is there any way to
feed these fry in a planted tank without moving them from the tank. I am
pretty sure predation won't be a problem but I am afraid they will
starve without some small food. A few Krib fry used to always survive
even though I didn't feed them at all but I do want to insure the
survival of of some of these bahias if I can.