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Confusing SeaChem Product Line

Flourish, Flourish Potassium, Flourish Excel, Flourish Iron, etc. It's a
long list of products. For me, it generates a lot more questions than it

1) If you dose Flourish Iron separately, how do you keep track of your
traces (since iron is usually used to indicate trace levels)?

2) How much K does one need? SeaChem's site says that one 250 mL bottle
will raise K about 30 mg/L in my 80G (300L). Why isn't this stuff in
Flourish? Will it hurt if I mix the two together for single dosing?

3) What's the point of using Flourish AND Flourish Trace? Everything in
Flourish Trace is in Flourish (the amounts differ), so why isn't
Flourish formulated to contain more of what's in Flourish Trace?

Anyone who knows the answers would sure help clear things up for me.

Jerry Baker