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Re: Filterless Discus

Arthur wrote, in part:

<< Bill, have you in fact raised discus without
 filtration or significant water changes?  I would be
 interested to hear about your direct experience. >>

I have a heavily planted 29 with 12 angelfish in it, body size averaging
about a silver dollar in diameter.  Four dime sized fish added in October 
have also grown to that size.  I've had several spawnings, and a pair of blue 
rams in that tank have also spawned.

I don't check for ammonia-nitrites-nitrates but the fish are healthy and 
active, and the plants are growing.  That's all I need.

I have to admit that I added a small sponge filter in the winter.  Its 
bubbles create a little water movement, which prevents water stratification. 
I'll probably remove it now that it's warmer and the heater won't be on.  I 
also change about 10 percent of the water every four weeks or so, while 
removing mulm.

There are a lot of different ways to be successful in this hobby.  I've heard 
people describe approaches that I "knew" had to fail, and yet they were 
successful.  I've given up arguing and tried to learn from them.

If you want to filter your aquariums, then go do it.  I bet you're doing very 
well.  Other people take other approaches.  They do pretty well also.

Continued good luck!