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Re: Jellyfish

I think the FW jellies tend not to live long(about one month out of them)
and are about quarter sized max. They'd grow in some quarries in IN and
would reach high densities. We did not swim in that quarry.

The ones I have seen kept lived about a month. You need a fair amount of a
planktonic food for them and a gentle flow like the SW. A FW
professor(Cooper) kept some in a plain 10 gallon tank but really did not
feed them(say screening some Rotifers from a pond etc for food) and the tank
was not set up for a nice gentle current like the Monterey Aquariums Jelly
tanks. He did an excellent paper on their Tropic role in FW systems.

It'd be interesting to see if the FW jelly could be raised but it'd be a
doubtful critter for a planted tank. If given a good stable home/food I
wonder how long the medusae would live? I suppose one could reproduce them
sexually. There was a site that detailed the reproduction somewhere, did not
look that easy though. They are an introduced species and do not appear to
be native to the US.
Tom Barr