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About the requests for mail order SAEs - I too have ordered from Arizona 
Aquatic Gardens for SAEs and Amano shrimp - twice. Both times every single 
animal survived the trip and is still alive in my tank almost a year later. 
One problem though -   the second time i ordered a batch of SAEs (4 of them) 
i got Flying Foxes instead. I didn't know it at the time, though they did 
look different then the SAEs of my previous order, and so i never complained. 
(what was i going to do anyway, send them back?) But now i have 4 large 
semi-agresive (though mostly just to eachother) fish that race around my tank 
and generally disrupt my otherwise peaceful 90 gal corner tank.  SO - buyer 

Anyone want them?

-john guild, NYC

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