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Re: Filterless Discus

Bill wrote:

>>The conversion of toxic fish wastes  to a less
harmful substances (AKA "biological filtration") can
be done without filtering. Healthy aquatic plants
consume the ammonia (or ammonium)directly, without
waiting for it to be converted to nitrates.<<

Sure that is true.  But on what scale?  Keeping a
dozen tetras is not the same as keeping discus.  In
mass one adult discus is equivalent to how many
cardinal tetras?  A LOT.

In my opinion, discus without filtration is a bad
idea.  You will end up with bad discus.  The ability
of the plants to take care of fish waste will be

Bill, have you in fact raised discus without
filtration or significant water changes?  I would be
interested to hear about your direct experience.


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