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Re: Rare Plants

A good place to look for cryptocoryne information is
http://users.bart.nl/~crypts/  There is also a cryptocoryne mailing
list, which I somtimes read from the archives, but those conversations
get very technical, and I've found it better to just read the archives
than join a group I can't add to.  That can be found at
http://lists.aquaria.net/plants/crypts  As for the specifics of the
question, the anubias I've never heard of, and the crypt page doesn't
list c. siamensis.  It does, however, list c. striolata and c. villosa. 
Apparently c. striolata (and this is, in my understanding, fairly common
among crypts) is impossible to identify without a flower.  The leaves
are too variable to be enough for ID purposes, so if you find it you
might want to make sure it is from a real crypt addict.  C. villosa is a
really nice looking crypt, but apparently hasn't been in cultivation for
a while, and it is not a good aquarium plant.  That's too bad.  If you
are really interested in these, the crypt list is probably a good place
to start, though I don't know how they take to requests.