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Re: AGA categories -- Pond ering other aquaria

Diana Berberich, for one, would love to see pond plants and pond
scapes as a new category, as well as the illustration of plants.

And she pointed out good reasons for the interest.

After all, one way to look at it is that an artificial pond is just a
tank in the ground, or more broadmindedly, a tank viewed from above.  

From an physical point of view, imo, the only difference bewteen open
planted tanks on waist-high stands, paludariums, tanks on low stands
meant to be viewed mainly from above, and ponds, is the dirt outside
the pond tank.  We aquatic hobbyist are used to soil, mulm, gravel,
etc., so the fact that a tank is placed in the dirt needn't be cultrual
wall between the pond people and the paned people.

In fact, one can be pond and paned at the same time.  I once worked on
a pond in Santa Barbara, California that, on one side, abutted a glass
wall of the owner's house.  The pond was part of an artificial stream
system that ran around the house.  But when you were in that one room
of the house, you would swear that it was a large glass aquarium -- or
something very much like it.  No, I couldn't afford to have one of
these.  But that's isn't the point, then, is it?  You don't have to
have one to find common items of interest.

Scott H.

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