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Re: Ich in plant tanks

We had a bout with ich very early on before I learned of the APD. Since we 
had plants and corys (which are more delicate with respect to ich 
treatments) we sought advice from our l.f.e. (local fish expert). He 
advised Quick Cure (formaldehyde and malachite green) but in half the label 
dosage. This half dose was divided again in half, with one 1/4 dose 
administered in the morning, one in the evening (the rationale being that 
strong light can break down the malachite green). The temp was also raised 
(we were keeping angels at the time). Treatment lasted one day after the 
spots disappeared. As a precaution we removed our biomedia from the filter 
and ran charcoal for a bit after treatment. This solved the ich problem 
with no consequences for the plants. It may be that the label dosage is 
stronger than needed, or perhaps should be reserved for severe cases.


Jared Weinberger