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Re: AGA categories

>>Hello Folks:
   I for one would love to see pond plants and pond
scapes as a new category, as well as the illustration
of plants.  I am interested in ponds because so many
of our aquarium plants are well suited to such
environments and appear differently in the pond
displays than are seen in aquarium displays. <<

I am all for the AGA widening it's scope, I suggested these topics for the
AGA conference...but for the Showcase? I don't really see how that would
widen participation when the main source for participation is THIS
list...unless the group plans on reaching other forums and organizations
that focus on ponds. It would also change the make up of the show. I do not
see how you could call it an aquascaping showcase any longer. And is the
goal merely to attact more entrants just for the sake of having more, or to
bring in more people willing to share their aquarium with the world? I think
this could be done by improving the marketing and promotion of the event
rather than adding more catagories that just dilute the original idea of the

Robert Paul Hudson
AB newsletter