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AGA categories

Hello Folks:
   I for one would love to see pond plants and pond
scapes as a new category, as well as the illustration
of plants.  I am interested in ponds because so many
of our aquarium plants are well suited to such
environments and appear differently in the pond
displays than are seen in aquarium displays.  An
education in itself.  This would also open up to
displaying new types of aquatic plants we don't
commonly use in aquaria.  They are all lovely.  The
pond scape would be another artistic side of all this
love of wet vegetation.  Botanical illustration is
another avenue of sharing the beauty and detail of the
plants we love.  I have been hoping that the AGA
contest would try using a painter as a judge.  An
artist who does landscapes or still life so we can be
judged clearly in artistic composition.  After all
many folks who do not have aquaria can see and enjoy
the beauty of our efforts.  Even a professional
landscape artist might bring something refreshing to
the judging and comments.  So, lets do it.  Ponds
yeah!  Rendering and illustration, Yeah!
Thanks, Diana 

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