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Ich in plant tanks

Well, 48 hrs of total darkness "The latest cure for ich" didn't break the
cycle in my case.

The good news is that I may have found the trigger for the ich. My
temperature controller (name withheld due to lawsuit concerns:) appears to
have caused a temperature drop. I don't know if the probe is bad (or what)
at this point. I know the temperature is 82 in the tank and the controller
was showing 88. I recalibrated it with another digital thermometer and
compared it to my stick cheesy "stick on" thermometer.

Considering the temperature dropped 6 degrees on the backup "stick on"
thermometer compared to indicated on the controller, I feel bad for not
noticing. I was blaming the new fish, but since they went 3 weeks without a
problem, I'm leaning toward the temperature drop.

Of course, this still means I have ich. I am trying to choose between
metronidazole, formaldehyde, or patience.

I may just increase the temperature to a real (instead of indicated) 86 and
see if the fish can tough it out. At this point, most of the fish look good.
The weak ones are obvious though.

Jon Wilson