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Re: bamboo as emergent plant


[1]  How do you use the SS bicycle spokes?  And the Clips?  Clamps?

[2]  What kind of bamboo?

Interested - Joe

Just about any modern quality bicycle spoke is stainless steel. I bend the
spoke so that the 'elbow' the part of the spoke that anchors in the hub
clips under the bottom outer part of the frame that runs around the top of
the aquarium.  I then bend the spoke using pliers so that it grabs the top
frame and then bend it back up and impale the bamboo on it.  In the case of
the bamboo it's in the corner so I also drove a cut off piece of spoke
through it and it's resting on the inner lip of the tank.  It's really quite
secure and surprisingly rigid.  I can send a picture if you like.  Please
email me directly.

I don't know what kind of bamboo it is.  I just see it pretty commonly in
'nice' flower shops.  It requires very little light so it doesn't suffer
with ambient room light and the level of the tank lights are below it.  I
really like the emergent part of the tank and feel it makes it seem much
more natural.